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Gemba - a 16 year Management Consulting, a holistic organization has been involved in critical assignments that have an impact on the balance sheets. We broadly classify our services in two broad heads:



Impacting Employees

Human Resource Consulting

Gemba has unmatched expertise in developing and managing an end to end of people process consulting in industry. HR Strategy Design, HR Policy formulation, HR Outsourcing & all HR Processes aiming at Employee Engagement, Performance Management and Culture Building are the core services.

Organisational Development Consulting

Gemba believes strongly that until an organization is not fully aligned internally, it cannot be aligned to the need of the customer. We support organizations with our expertise to create a culture that is conducive to delivering better value to customers. We align individual, team and organizational efforts with strategies and the key performance indicators.


Executive Coaching

Gemba has certified coaches to offer coaching services for chief executives and business leaders. This individualized offering aims at supporting the performance of the creamy layer of the company.

Executive Education

Gemba runs public programs ( part-time, weekend, distance and online) for executives. Internships, Organizational Visits and Conferencing are also provided along with "real time" learning from industry professionals.

Learning and Development

Gemba facilitates learning and development among individuals and organizations. Services include Need Analysis, Instructional Design, Learning Facilitation & Training Evaluation.

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Impacting Customers

Profit Consulting

Gemba helps organizations to develop business strategies and supports their implementation. Organizations that aim at scaling, merger & acquisition, rightsizing, restructuring and any form of change management would benefit.

Marketing Strategy & Transformation

Gemba – an organization that has worked with numerous B2B and B2C organizations on their Sales & Marketing strategies carries a unique expertise of working with both People & Strategy. We help clients look both within their Gemba for internal capability building and outside their Gemba for building a strategy to get to its markets efficiently.


Marketing Communication

Possessing the right Marketing collaterals is as important as possessing a high quality. Given the increasing amount of efforts that organizations are taking to make sales possible, Marketing Collaterals are key resources for the frontline staff. With a team of highly skilled technicians, Gemba possesses capability to create high quality films, videos, brochures and other tools.

Mobile App Building

With increasing number of employees and end customers possessing high end mobile devices, organizations keep up by being available on such devices. With a team of experienced IT professionals on board, Gemba supports its clients with state of the art applications that makes its clients more efficient and accessible



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